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Deoco Deodorant Stick - 13g

Price A$15.05
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Product Highlight
● A stick-type antiperspirant that cleans the sweat odor of adult women who are worried about odor changes with age. ● You can apply it directly to the armpit without getting your hands dirty. Firmly adheres. ● The bactericidal component sterilizes odorous bacteria and prevents the generation of odor due to sweat. ● Contains white mud (adsorbent), adsorbs sebum that causes odor, and is smooth even when sweating. ● Contains a fragrance containing the sweet scent component "lactone" that decreases with age, and the sweet floral scent continues. ● Quasi-drugs.
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Turn the bottom of the container to the right to pull out the stick by about 5 mm, and where sweat is likely to occur, such as under the armpit. Apply an appropriate amount evenly.