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Gatsby - Biocore Deodorant Body Paper - Unscented - 30pcs

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Product Highlight
Increased sustainability of anti-bactericidal components Deodorizing a man's odor for a long time Highly deodorant (sterilizing) component IPMP Sterilizes the causative bacteria and prevents unpleasant odor for a long time. Thick large paper that can be wiped without rolling with one sheet Clean filter formulation that keeps sterilizing ingredients on the skin & high sterilizing ingredient combination The combination of antiperspirant ingredients suppresses perspiration causing sweat. Contains a refreshing ingredient (menthol) for a long-lasting refreshing feel. Fully indulge in one piece Thick, heavy-duty large paper (25 cm x 20 cm). Unscented with no scent left on the skin.
Amora Sets
Beauty Bundles
1. Open the seal on the surface from OPEN, take out one by one and use it over the body
2. To prevent the drying of the contents, close the seal tightly after use after use.
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