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Biore Deodorant Z Roll-On (Unscented) - 40ml

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It is a medicinal deodorant of roll-on type that can be applied evenly without staining hands. Even if you sweat, bactericidal action will continue to prevent odor. Moisturizing ingredients (asunaro extract, hyaluronic acid, owaku extract) formulated. You can also use it for shaving underarm. Sweat disinfection stamina technology. Even when sweating a lot, the bactericidal action to odor bacteria continues, realizing the prevention of odor for a long time. Underarm ​​sweat quick evaporation. New idea, sweat instant dry powder (base) blending. It does not get sticky, it continues comfortably. Anti-perspiration aluminum salt (ingredient with antiperspirant effect) is not used.
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Shake the container up and down about 3 times while tightening the cap, before using.
Before going out or after bathing, apply in areas where you may be interested in sweat odor, such as under the roof.
When the ball is difficult to rotate, use it with your fingers.
Dry clothes after wearing.
After use, tighten the cap tightly, keep it in an upright position.
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