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Biore Deodorant Body Sheet - Cool Mint - 10pcs

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Product Highlight
Entire body feels cooled! Blocks body odor for a long time Medicated deodorant body wipes. Sterilizing ingredients adhere to skin and remove the cause of odor. The long-lasting deodorant effect keeps the skin odorless. A tough and thick sheet can wipe and refresh the whole body. Clear smooth powder (base) spreads over the skin and keeps it smooth for many hours. It cleans without leaving white traces on the skin. It prevents clothes from sticking to the skin, keeping it nice and dry even if you sweat afterward. ● A soothing, fresh cool mint scent ● Contains menthol (scent ingredient)
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Pull out a sheet and wipe skin. Both sides of the sheet can be used.
* Do not use the product to wipe furniture, electronic appliances and other objects.
* Pay attention as liquid could ooze out of the product if pressed hard inside a bag and other items.
* If the printed face of the serial number is in close contact with wallets and other surfaces, the ink may transfer. (printed on the inner pack)

Recommend usage:
● When getting up
● To feel clean before leaving the house
● To remove the odor
● At school or in the office
● After sports activities
● Before meeting someone
● After a shower
● When you are not able to take a bath or shower
● For the entire body including armpits, arms, neck, chest, back, and legs.

*Do not use the product on individuals with sensitivity to cool menthol sensations, sensitivity to alcohol, or sensitive skin, nor on infants.
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