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Bihatsugen Hair Essence - 150ml

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Hair is formed by the segmentation of hair matrix cells using the nutrition from the peripheral blood carried to the hair follicles in the scalp. The average number of human hairs is about 100,000. Each hair has a lifespan of 4 to 5 years and repeats hair-cycle from growth to fall out. Accordingly, as long as healthy scalp balance is maintained, hair loss doesn’t occur. However, symptoms such as “dandruff”, “itchiness” and “greasy scalp” sometimes do occur. These are evidence of abnormal conditions of the scalp function and/or hair production, they can be considered signs of baldness. If these conditions are left uncorrected, the result of hair loss or baldness may come before long due to the imbalance between the volume of hair falling out and growing out. The secret of maintaining a healthy and beautiful hair is to care for it properly even if the signs of baldness have not yet occurred. Features: Bihatsugen Hair Essence” is hair growth lotion, which is developed for care of female. The function prevents of falling hair, thin hair, child birth, illness loss of hair convalescence. Reduce the dandruff, itching. Provide hair nutrition, hair growth, thinning hair, promotion of hair growth. It is activates the function of hair matrix cell and encourages growing the hair, Which have elasticity and strength. Effective Ingredients: CS-BASE : Activates hair matrix cell. Kamigen K : Activates hair matrix cell and blood circulation. D-Pantothenyl Alcoho : Activates hair matrix cell. Pyridoxine Hydrochloride: Prevents dandruff and reduces sebum β-Glycyrrhetinic Acid : Restrains of 5a reductase, prevent itch and inflammation. Propylene Glycol Dicaprylate : Keep scalp and hair moisture by moisture function. Salicylic Acid: By the disinfectant function, Remove dandruff by keratolytic and softening function. restrain dandruff and itch.
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Apply generous amount of BIHATSUGEN HAIR ESSENCE onto scalp twice a day. Massage with fingertips to work in the solution.
For before and after bedtime application, massage your hair with generous solution to enhance the scalp’s natural nourishing properties during your sleep.
Use after getting up, continuous hair follicles moisturized, accelerate healthy hair growth.
Generally 1 to 1.5 bottles a month is standard usage rate.
Applying an appropriate amount regularly over an extensive period of time is more effective than applying a large amount once.
It is also important to keep scalp clean in order to prevent hair fall and to keep hair looking its best. Suggest to shampoo at least every 2 to 3 days
Serious hair loss people, use this product will be longer have result.
Long-term bard or hair follicles death, this product is less effective.
This product only provide nutrition to hair roots and hair follicles.
Not for diagnosis and treatment.
Effect on individual condition and practice.