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AIR Mask 24 Watery

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Weak acidity, hydrating mask for dry skin! Become lighter and more comfortable! A pH-balancing mask that lightly adheres to your skin. Daily facial mask, recommended for those with the following skin types! Extremely dehydrated skin type, flaky skin type that make-up doesn't apply well, dry skin type with fine lines around eyes and lips, sensitive skin type that gets irritated from a think mask sheet. Sub-acid mask that absorbs triple Hyaluronic Acid as lightly and comforta-bly as air into the skin, allowing the skin moisture barrier to stay watery. Three Layered Moisturizing Triple Hyaluronic Acid° composed of small, medium, and large molecules is absorbed deep into the skin moisture barrier neatly, providing compact and full moisturizing effect. pH5.0(±0.5) Sub-acid Mask The fruit vinegar* ingredient makes the skin to healthiest and slightly acidic state by controlling the pH balance disturbed by the external environment. Comfortable Air Mesh Sheet With highly permeable mesh material, the sheet adheres lightly to the skin for it to breathe, and delivers active ingredients gently.
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After washing your face, use a lotion to prepare your skin.
Attach the mask to your face and remove it after about 10-20 minutes.
Lightly tap on the face to absorb the remaining essence.
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